About Karabudak Machinery

We Offer Technological Solutions!


Innovative and modern solutions for wood and furniture painting, sanding and drying processes.


Karabudak Makine who aims to submit the best service to customers  all around the world by its innovative self manufactured painting, sanding and drying machines succeed to be a leader on the wood finishing market by developing itself day by day. Karabudak Makine also provides engineering services such as turnkey painting facilities and production automatization to its customers using its expert staff, high technology equipment and innovation. Through its innovative solutions and flexible engineering capacity Karabudak Makine does not only submits its standard machines to its customers but also offers customer-specific solutions. Expert staff, which is created by company owners, warrants Karabudak Makine to be well-known as a reliable solution partner.

When Did We Start ?


In 2010, founded with 100% Turkish capital by grounding on the quality and customer satisfaction, Karabudak Makine is maintaining its production journey in modern facilities with high technology equipment pool and experienced staff. Karabudak Makine became the market leader in Turkey by growing up rapidly with its innovative approach. Now exporting %70 per cent of its production with its export spurt which started in 2014.

What’s Our Point Of View ?


We obtained as a mission to promote economical improvement of our country with the help of our mark value and high-quality innovative machines by working hardly, professionally and with the conscious of team work philosophy for our satisfied customers, dear business partners, reliable suppliers and also for our personnel.

To meet the our satisfied customer requirements the priority of our mission is to create a peaceful, transparent, democratical, profitable working atmosphere, to guarantee the sustainability, to produce environment friendly international competitive high quality innovative improvable machines by using its own resources effectively and aiming minimum cost and the maximum marketable machines.  

Our Customers Are Our Priority !


As Karabudak Machine KA.MA; 

We appropriated as a standard principle to meet the customer requirements by guaranteeing the customer satisfaction and answering their all possible negative and or positive feedbacks quickly. We mainly focused on customer requirements while building our working systematic. Our customer satisfaction policy based on meeting the customer requirements, implementing the personnel satisfaction, meeting the legal and administrative requirements, and improving our own standards and meeting the requirements of other interested parts. 

What Are Our Policies ?


 As Karabudak Machinery KA.MA;

Our occupational health and safety policy aims to build up health and safety based working atmosphere, to pull down the occupational accidents by foreseeing the possible risks, to use resources effectively for safety of manpower health, to help the improvements of personnel by trainings, to improve our system by obtaining the formal requirements, to have regularly occupational health and safety trainings, to take precaution against risks and occupational accidents in all production process and to take over all of these responsibilities significantly. 

As Karabudak Machinery KA.MA;

Our environmental policy which based on our occupational health and safety policy meets the requirements of environment safety policies of administrative offices. Our health and safety based effectively used resources, our trained personnel about being environmental friendly, support our green natur, green world policy. This policy aims also the disposal of wastes in accordance with legal and administrative requirements and blocking the consuming the resources unconsciously. 

Our quality policy comprise of meeting the customer satisfaction by our high-quality machines and presented support services to customers. This ensures the sustainability of quality. We firstly focus on what customer asks but then what he really needs. We improve continuously our machines by using our know-how capacity to achieve the sustainability on quality of production, machines and services. To achieve these kind of tasks we work continuously on innovative R&D projects. Our quality management system meets the requirements of legal and administrative institutes and also our own technical know-how knowledge on machine manufacturing. 

We Care About Our Employees !


Karabudak Makine is a company who cares with its personnel personally, who does not compensate from its work discipline, who awards its personnel with their success, who consists its relation with its personnel with respect of mutual trust and goodwill. Karabudak Makine is a conscious company who can reveal the potential of its personnel. We care personally about our personnel’s emotional and mental motivation like a family company. We believe that motivated personnel will bring within together the satisfied customers and will add value to the country success. We are professional establishment who strong-willed to be a global actor on its sector is.

What Are Our Future Goals ?


As Karabudak Machinery KA.MA;


The goal is to choose the qualified manpower and to improve him/her continuously and to build permanent working atmosphere hereby success of personnel will bring the success of company. Next goal is to share the results of conscious investments on human resources first withinits personnel then within the human resources departments of other companies.


We aim to be a model in business world with our management policy.By aiming not only the changing but also the improving we try to achieve our goals to create sustainability by developing modern consciousness together with our personnel. To unify our company goals within goals of our country  is one of another goals. Our last and main goal is to be model global actor on its sector by satisfied personnel who is proud of being part in this success. We believe that this concept will be key of success and will negotiate the goals.